Terms and Conditions of Use of the Homepage


Article 1 (Purpose): The purpose of this Agreement is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities, and other requirements between the Company and users in using the community provided by the Arexpass homepage (www.arexpass.com) and smartphone application, which are operated by Itrip co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").


Article 2 (Definitions) The definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows:

   1. "Service" means all services which can be available to users on the website or smartphone application including booking the Airport Railroad Express, using additional services, writing posts or comments, and uploading or inquiring about photo UCCs.

   2. "User" means a member who uses the services provided by the Company in accordance with the service agreement.

   3. "Member" refers to a person who can use the service provided by the Company as a member of AREXPASS who subscribes and logs in to the service using the sign-up and social login functions.

   4. "Posts" means articles, photos, videos, and various files and links in the form of information such as codes, text, voice, sound, images and videos posted on the service by the user while using the service.


Article 3 (Publishing and Revision of Terms and Conditions): The Company shall publish the contents of these terms and conditions of use on the initial screen of the website for users to inquire and check.

  The Company may amend these terms to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws, such as the "Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions" and the "Privacy Protection Act," and the amended terms and conditions shall be effective by being posted online for at least seven days.

  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to confirm the changes of the Terms on a regular basis, and the Company shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by users who do not know the changed Terms and Conditions.

  If a member does not agree to the changed terms, the member may request withdrawal from membership, and if the member does not explicitly express their refusal within the period specified in Paragraph 3, they shall be deemed to have agreed to the change.


Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions): These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the services provided by the Company.

  Any matters or interpretation not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to relevant laws and regulations or related terms.


Article 5 (Enactment of Service Contract): In principle, Membership for use of the Company's services shall begin when a user signs up for service use with the company after obtaining a personal certificate on the website and agrees to the terms and conditions, enters the necessary information such as e-mail address, password, nickname, etc. in the online registration application form specified by the company, and accepts the service use at the same time.

  However, the Company may not approve applications may cancel a service contract hereafter in the following cases:

   1. If an applicant for membership has previously had their membership revoked in accordance with the terms of this agreement, except when they have obtained approval of membership restoration from the Company.

   2. If an applicant provides false information or does not provide information required by the Company.

   3. In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the user or the application is made in violation of any other proscribed matters.

  The time of establishment of the contract of use shall be the time when the Company has indicated the completion of the application in the application procedure.


Article 6 (Change of Member Information): Members may view and modify their personal information at any time through the 'My Page' menu on the homepage. However, it is not possible to modify the e-mail required for service management.

  The member must change the information on the member information management page if the information provided at the time of membership application has changed. In this case, the Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantage caused by not informing the company of the change.


Article 7 (Obligation to Protect Personal Information): The Company strives to protect the personal information of users in accordance with the provisions of related laws such as the "Personal Information Protection Act". The relevant laws and the Company's personal information processing policy apply to the protection and use of personal information. However, in case of linked sites other than the official site of the company, the personal information processing policy of the site operating company is applied.


Article 8 (Obligation to Manage Member's ID and Password): Members shall be responsible for the management of their own ID and password, and shall not allow them to be used by a third party.

  If a member recognizes that their ID and password have been stolen or used by a third party, they shall immediately take measures such as changing their password, promptly notifying the Company, and following the instructions of the Company.

  In the case of paragraph 2, the Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by failure to notify the Company or comply with the Company's guidance even if the member notifies the Company.


Article 9 (Notification to Users): If the Company provides a notification to Users, it may be provided via e-mail, mobile phone message or other contact method, unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.

  The Company may issue the notice under Paragraph 1 by posting it online for at least seven days in case of notification to all users.


Article 10 (Obligations of the Company): The Company shall endeavor to do its best to provide services continuously and reliably, without violating or abusing the relevant laws and these Terms and Conditions.

  The Company shall establish a security system to protect personal information so that users can use the service safely and shall disclose and comply with the personal information processing policy.

  The Company shall have the necessary personnel and systems to properly handle user complaints or remedy requests related to the use of the service.

  The Company shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by users regarding the use of the service if they are found to be legitimate. For opinions or complaints raised by users, the processing process and results are communicated to the users through e-mail.


Article 11 (Obligations of Users): (1) The User shall not do the following:

   1. Registration of false content when applying or changing information

   2. Stealing other users information

   3. Changing information posted by the Company

   4. Sending or posting information other than information set by the Company

   5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the Company and other third parties

   6. Defaming or obstructing the work of the Company and other third parties

   7. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, video, voice, or other information against public order and good morals in a service

   8. Using the Service for commercial purposes without the Company's consent

   9. Other illegal or unlawful acts

  The user shall comply with relevant laws, the provisions of these terms and conditions, the instructions for use and service, and shall not commit acts that interfere with the Company's business.


Article 12 (Provision of Services): In principle, services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  The Company may temporarily suspend service provision if there is need for repair, replacement, breakdown, communications interruption of information and communication facilities such as computer, or other considerable reasons for operation. In this case, the Company shall notify the User in the manner prescribed in Article 9 (Notifications to Users). However, if there is an unavoidable reason that makes the Company unable to provide notice in advance, it may provide notice after the fact.

  The Company may conduct regular inspections if necessary for service provision, and the regular inspection time shall be announced in a notice on the website screen.


Article 13 (Change of Service): The Company may modify, suspend, or change part or all of the Services in accordance with the operational and technical needs of the Company, and in this case, the Company shall notify Users by the method set out in Article 9 (Notification to Users). However, if there is an unavoidable reason that means the Company cannot give notice in advance, it can provide notice afterwards.


Article 14 (Providing Information and Publishing Advertisements): The Company may provide members with various information deemed necessary during service use by means of notice or e-mail. However, the member may refuse to receive e-mail at any time except for transaction-related information and answers to customer inquiries in accordance with relevant laws.

  The Company may post advertisements on service screens and via e-mail etc. related to the operation of the service. Members who receive an e-mail with an advertisement can decline to receive e-mails from the Company.


Article 15 (Copyright and Management of Posts): The Company values members' posts and protects them from tampering, damage, or deletion. However, in the case of posts or materials falling under any of the following, they may be deleted, moved or de-registered without notice, and the members privileges may be limited, suspended, or revoked.

   1. Inflicting severe insult or defamation on other members or third parties

   2. Disseminating or linking content that violates public order and the customs

   3. Promoting illegal replicas or hacking

   4. Posting a profit-making advertisement

   5. If the content is recognized as being related to a criminal act

   6. If the content violates the copyrights of the Company or other members, or other rights such as the copyright of third parties

   7. In case it violates the Company's prescribed posting principles or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board

   8. Spam posts

   9. In case the post is deemed to be in violation of other relevant laws

  Copyright and other intellectual property rights of works created by the Company shall belong to the Company.

  The copyright of a post posted by a member on the service screen belongs to the posting member. In addition, the Company may not use posts commercially without the publisher's consent. However, this is not the case for nonprofit purposes, and the Company also has the right to post on this site.

  Members shall not use information obtained by using the service for profit or use it for third parties through arbitrary processing, sales, reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting or other methods without prior consent from the Company.

  The Company may change the posting position of the post without changing the content of the original post due to merger, transfer of business, integration between the sites operated by the Company, and so on.


Article 16 (Ownership of Rights): The Company shall grant to the Members only the right to use accounts, content, etc. in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set by the Company in relation to the Services, and the member shall not transfer, sell, or provide collateral in relation to these rights.


Article 17 (Cancellation of Membership, etc.): Members may apply for membership cancellation at any time through the My Page - Membership Information Management menu on the initial screen of the service, and the Company shall immediately deal with the member's cancellation as provided for under relevant laws.

  When a member requests cancellation, all data of the member will be destroyed immediately after the termination, unless the Company holds the member information in accordance with relevant laws and personal information processing policy.

  In the event a member applies for cancellation, the posts registered using their account on the bulletin board shall be deleted, but posts registered on the public notice board or scrapped by another member shall not be deleted.

  When a membership is cancelled, the Company does not provide the benefits set forth in Article 6 of the Terms and Conditions for the subscription and use of AREX membership.


Article 18 (Restrictions on Use, etc.): The Company may suspend or withdraw the service provided to the user if the user violates the obligations of the Terms or interrupts the normal operation of the Service.

  The Company shall not be held liable for damages incurred by the user (or third party) pursuant to Paragraph 1.

  Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, the Company may restrict use if the member violates related laws, such as using a name or making a payment in violation of the "Citizens Registration Act", providing or operating illegal programs in violation of the Copyright Act and the Computer Program Protection Act, communicating illegally and hacking in violation of the "Information Communication Network Act", distribution of malware, and excess access actions.

  When cancelling membership pursuant to paragraph 1 and paragraph 3, the Company shall not only destroy the member's service performance as specified in Article 6 of the Terms and Conditions concerning the subscription to and use of Arex Membership, but also all other benefits such as discount coupons obtained through the service use, and the Company shall not provide separate compensation for this.

  In the event that the use of the service is restricted or withdrawn under this Article, the Company shall provide notification of such in accordance with Article 9 (Notification to Users).

  The member may file an objection to the restriction of use under this article, and if the Company acknowledges that the objection is justified, the Company shall immediately resume service provision.


Article 19 (Limitation of Liability): If the Company cannot provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure, it shall be exempted from responsibility to provide the service.

  The Company shall not be held responsible for any obstacles to the use of the Service due to User error.

  The Company shall not be responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts posted by users in relation to the service.

  The Company shall be exempted from liability in case of transactions between users or between users and third parties by means of a service medium.

  The Company shall not be liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws.


Article 20 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction): Lawsuits filed between the Company and users shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

  Any case concerning disputes between the Company and the users shall be subject to the user's address at the time of the filing and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court, which governs the residence if it does not have an address. However, in the event that the user's address or residence is not clear at the time of filing, the competent court shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.




These Terms and Conditions shall be effective from May 2, 2019.