Arexpass Refund Policy

Refunds or exchanges of Arexpass (referred to below as "passes", which refers to pre-booked Airport Railroad Express boarding passes purchased online via are only possible in the following cases:


- If you have an unopened boarding pass at the boarding station. (Used passes are not refundable).

- You can receive a refund based on the arrival time of the scheduled railroad express to board.

- Refunds are available online only until the receipt number (the numeric code shown on My Ticket on on the morning of the boarding day) is shown on My Ticket on the site.

- If the receipt number is shown, you must visit the Travel Center in person to receive a refund.

- Your boarding pass must be the one ordered from

- Refunds are not possible if you lose your original boarding pass.


This refund policy does not apply to other travel service reservations. Please contact each travel service operator company directly.


Arexpass Refund

If your refund request meets the above conditions, Itrip Co., Ltd. will refund 100% of the pass price you paid.


Here's how to apply for a refund in detail:


1. Log in to your account and go to 'Reservation History'.

2. In the Reservation History list, check the reservation you want to cancel.

3. You can request a refund via the "Cancel Reservation button.

Online refunds are only possible if the receipt number is not shown on your mobile page My Ticket.

If the receipt number is shown, you must visit the Travel Center in person to get a refund.


Arexpass Cancellation

If you decide not to use the Arexpass before the receipt number for the reserved pass is shown, you may cancel the reservation online at


Refund and Exchange Regulations


These conditions are included in the Airport Railroad Passenger Transport Terms.


In addition, please refer to the Airport Railroad Express Passenger Transport Terms for information on all airport railroad express services except for the refund rules.


Article 42 (Duration of Direct Express Ticket): The service period of a direct ticket shall be the time of arrival at the station of the designated direct express, and the company shall not return the fare if the service period has expired.


Article 43 (Invalidation of Direct Express Ticket): The company shall invalidate the direct express ticket:


1. When a passenger ineligible for discount used a discount pass


2. When an adult used a child's direct pass


3. When the original form and the indication of the ticket is intentionally damaged or altered


4. When a direct pass that is past the service period is used


5. If the ID card for a discounted direct pass is not presented


6. When using direct express by other illegal methods


Article 44 (If the passenger does not ride after the departure of a direct express service): If the passenger uses their ticket in the ticket gate and returns without boarding the train, the ticket shall be counted in the automatic ticket gate, and the fare shall not be returned.


Article 45 (Refund of Direct Express Fares): The company will return the fare if the passenger holds a travel ticket after purchasing a direct ticket or uses it on another train.


Passengers may not claim a refund in excess of the fare originally paid by the passenger.


The company will not return the fare:


1. When a passenger has a direct pass and receipt (seating ticket) but cannot verify the release details of the direct ticket due to damage


2. If a passenger does not own a physical single direct pass and only has a receipt (seating table)


3. If the ticket has already been recorded on the automatic indexer


4. If the service period of the direct pass has expired


Article 47 (Issuance of Direct Train Pass Loss Certificate): The company shall issue a loss certificate when a passenger loses his or her direct pass and incurs an additional fare (including supplemental fare).


Passengers may submit their lost direct boarding pass and loss certificate at an airport railroad station and claim their fare back within one year from the date of issuance of the loss certificate.


The company will return the fare if it is charged in accordance with Paragraph 2. However, it will not return the fare in any of the following cases.


1. If the lost ticket (including alteration or tampering) has been confirmed to have been used


2. In case the loss certificate details and the contents of the lost ticket are different


3. If there is no single direct pass


Article 48 (In case of delays or discontinuance of direct express): The company shall return the fare if the passenger cannot travel due to interruption or delay of train operation. However, cases of natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc. and where the company has not made any mistakes shall be excluded.


In the case of the fare refund under Paragraph 1, the passenger must claim a refund within one year.


Passengers may be issued a certificate of delay at the airport railroad station if the direct express is delayed for more than five minutes.


The company shall pay a delay fee of 5,000 won if the passenger's direct train arrives delayed by more than one hour. Exceptions shall be made if they fall under Paragraph 5 of Article 37.