Items of Personal Information collection

1. itrip collects minimum personal information below to provide ticket purchase and customer counseling services, etc.

Items of collection: name, contact information and e-mail address

Purpose of collection: Identification for ticket reservation process and settlement of customer complaints, etc

2. The following information may be automatically generated and collected while using our service

IP address, cookies, service records, history of websites visited, etc.

3. In accordance with the “Law of Consumers Protection in Electronic Commerce,” transaction information from the list below may be collected in the ticket purchase and service process.

In case of ticket purchase, a credit card and approval number will be collected.

Purpose of personal information collection and usage

Fulfillment service agreement : Ticket purchase

Record preservation to deal with customer complaints, deliver notice, and adjust disputes.

Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information. ITRIP shall delete the personal information without delay if its management purpose is achieved. However, the information shall be preserved for a certain period of time as stated for the below reason.

Grounds for securing the information by relevant laws. In case that the personal information needs to be stored in accordance with Article 6 of the “Law of Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce,” a corporation will process a user’s information only during the time range specified in the Article 6. In this regard, the corporation will preserve the information only for the purpose of storage. Retention periods are as follows:

Records of contracts or cancellations: 5 years

Records of payments or supply of goods: 5 years

Records of customer complaints or dispute settlements: 3 years